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Adult & Dirty eCards Don’t get the wrong idea - nothing inappropriate here. Rather we have a number of fun eCards with adult language on them. Despite some curse words and expletives, our adult eCards are fun and good natured - they are unlikely to offend but definitely are not squeaky clean either. In June 2007, a new set of limited edition products was announced, featuring Mini Octopus cards and Child Octopus Wristbands. The Mini Octopus cards, available in Adult and Elder editions, measure 4.7 cm by 3 cm (1.85 in by 1.18 in) and work as regular (anonymous) Adult and Elder, respectively, Octopus cards.Location: Hong Kong.

ADULT CHAT RULES AND REGULATIONS. By entering, you agree to be at least 18 years of age. We do not discriminate based on race, age or sex as long as you qualify to be here. So if you are underage, please leave now. The adult chat rooms are totally Free. Adult Chat is one of our biggest adult chat rooms, and it's teeming with life around the clock. Can't sleep, or just looking for some midnight fun? There are always active chatters available in our busy, free adult chat rooms -- which, by the way, require no registration to participate. Just enter some brief information above and begin chatting.

Funky Delivery is your one-stop shop of mail pranks and unique gifts, including glitter bombs, glitter cards, potato grams, bricks in the mail and more. We’re your compadre when it comes to sending fun stuff in the mail. We make it fun and easy – and mysteriously anonymous! Sincerely, Not Has The Best Selection of Funny Adult Humor, Naughty, Rude and Sarcastic Greeting Cards for Every Occasion! Shop our New Anonymous Greeting Cards, Funny Gag Gifts, Coffee Mugs, Inspirational Quote Art Prints, and Stationery Gifts.

Prank Postcards. Just imagine when the mail man delivers one of these bright colorful, and shameful postcards to your victim. Have some laughs, and send it to them at the office, and let the rumors begin. The full color front of these postal pranks are hilarious, but the words on the back are hysterical. You can find prepaid debit cards from a variety of vendors at local convenience stores, drug stores and other outlets. These cards let you load money in cash at the point of sale, then access the funds much like a traditional debit card. Using a pre-paid debit card to pay for your online dating activity will reduce the likelihood that anyone will discover unexpected charges on your existing.

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