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Jessica scores an appointment with Dr. Cooper. Married dad goes to doctor for vasectomy. Victoria helps a nurse out in getting revenge. Subjection to intimate experimentation A peek into the daily life of a 'bull' milked for semen. and other exciting erotic at! Sandy's Medical Examination (MF, reluc) by Philip Harris Nineteen-year-old Sandy sat apprehensively on the edge of the doctor's examination table, in her campus's medical clinic. Her clothes lay piled on a wooden chair, her body feeling vulnerable beneath the thin medical examination gown they'd given her to .

Juniper discovers the room that nobody dare speak of. Doctor Sloane shows her girl what happens to bad patients. Dr. Billie Stone has her hands full with a sweet submissive. Medical fetish. Book Four subtitle: After Care. and other exciting erotic at! Medical Stories, New Sex Stories, Adult Fictions, Erotic Sex Stories, Free Sex Stories, Real Sex Stories, Erotic Fictions, Erotic Short Stories.

A story by Zvi Zaks in Category Short Story and Science Fiction and called A Medical Exam and is about Donald Farber, MD, is a specialist in Mesmor therapy. He hates it, even though it's an effective treatment for neurosis. Now, what should he do about his own neurotic problems? “There! One more consultation and I can call it a day!” I think to myself as I close the door behind the second last patient for the day. I am in somewhat of a hurry to get away from the surgery, as I have a racquetball appointment with the guys at the club and I’m quite looking forward to it.