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Issues for Gifted Adults, Deirdre V. Lovecky, Ph.D. notes that many gifted adults "are lonely because of a lack of true peers. "Feeling comfortable with oneself, having a wide variety of interests, knowing that there are some people who value at least parts of themselves, and viewing lonely times as a chance of further self-care and self Followers: 1.3K. May 21, 2010 · Welcome to the Gifted Issues Discussion Forum. We invite you to share your experiences and to post information about advocacy, research and other gifted education issues on this free public discussion forum.

Gifted adults crave interchanging ideas with other gifted adults and many love to engage in intense intellectual discussions. Gifted adults have an inner urge to fulfill their own expectations and feel very guilty if they cannot even when no one else sees the need to. My Gifted Life - peer support for gifted adults and parents of gifted children: National Network of Families with Gifted Children (NNFGC) Announcement-only listserv to support parents as advocates, and provide updates on federal legislation efforts.

Helpful Resource Centers. The National Association for Gifted Children - NAGC is a national organization which has a wealth of resources for helping parents understand the needs of gifted learners as well as advocate on their behalf at local, state, and federal levels.. Hoagies' Gifted - Hoagies' Gifted is a regularly updated clearinghouse of information on gifted education for parents Subscribers: 1.5K. Characteristics of Gifted Adults Emotional Aspects of Gifted & Creative Adults The Misdiagnosis of Gifted Adults Challenges of Gifted Adults The Gifted Adult Experience ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia & More: 2e, Twice Exceptional Stresses Coaching or Therapy? Looking for A Therapist? Personal & Life Coaching Friends & Gifted Adults Gifted Adult Writers Books.

Gifted adults (people with a very high intelligence; 2% of the population) sometimes are not able to function adequately at work. Their high intelligence can cause them to dysfunction when adapting to the work situation, sometimes leading to absenteeism and disability. Hardly any scientific research on this topic has been performed. Large numbers of gifted adults, aware not only of their mental capacities but of the degree to which those capacities set them apart, understand this The cognitive differences can lead to high levels of career success in many fields.

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