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The Havahart Feral Cat Rescue Kit is perfect for skunk trapping and getting rid of skunks because it has a cover that will keep any spray released by an angry skunk from spreading too far. Using this trap is how to get rid of skunks. The trap is made with a spring loaded door and the rear . Skunks provide more of a benefit than some people realize; they eat many pest insects that cause damage to your lawn and garden. However, skunk problems typically arise when they spray in defense, dig holes in search of food, or burrow in and around your home for shelter.

Adult skunks are about two feet long, including a 7-to 10-inch tail. They weigh 3 to 12 pounds, depending on age, sex, physical condition and time of year. Males on average are 15 percent larger and heavier than fe-males. Skunks have small heads, with small eyes and ears and a pointed nose; short legs; and wide rear ends. The bot-. Skunks are usually quite docile animals and will only spray when they feel threatened. The musk is produced rather slowly, at a rate of about one-third of an ounce a week, and is discharged only as a last desperate measure after repeated warning signals. Skunks have a good sense of hearing, but their vision is very poor.

Skunks will wipe their rear on the floor, carpet, etc., after using the litter box; try putting pieces of old towel or blanket material outside the pans for them to use. Skunks may not use the litter pan all of the time. Skunks will purposely forget to go in a litter box, especially when excited or mad. If your skunk is mad at you don't be.