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There are two forms of Adult Education Doctorates. An Ed.D is a Doctorate of Education and will focus more on research method courses and working with adults in postsecondary or classroom settings. A PhD in Adult Education will also have research classes, but usually offers a wider range of options as far as employment in fields outside of. Be a leader in higher education. Expand your qualifications to teach at the college level. Our online PhD in Education, Postsecondary, and Adult Education degree prepares you to lead in a variety of post-secondary education settings, including adult education, distance education, continuing higher education, health care education, community development, and military education.

Pursuing a Doctorate in Adult Education-Centered Career. An online PhD in adult education could be a great stepping stone for students to pursue a career at an administrative or managerial level. The advanced coursework might prepare you to oversee instructional development of students, and affect a larger student body of adult learners.Author: Elearners.Com. Doctorate Degrees in Adult Education Students looking for Doctorate Degrees in Adult Education study the practice of teaching adults, including those in college and graduate school. Adult Education degrees differ from other education degrees due to cognitive differences in developmental stages.

Go further in higher education. Oregon State University's Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) program in Adult and Higher Education prepares post-secondary education professionals for leadership roles in four-year universities, community colleges and similar institutions.