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FanFiction | unleash Stories with at least a hint of John & teyla goodness. Recs welcomed. On Vacation by YappiChick reviews. John takes Teyla to the beach on a well-deserved vacation. Ronon's unofficial duty is to keep an eye on Sheppard. What he learns proves to be quite interesting. Tag Fic with Wedjatqi. Stargate: Atlantis. Summary: When Teyla asked John to take care of Torren if anything happened to her he agreed. He never actually thought he'd have to make good on his promise until one day, when Torren was a little over three months old, Teyla fell into a coma-like sleep. John/Teyla in later chapters.

sheppard_teyla Sheppard/Teyla Fever 5 years ago the_sparky_book The Sheppard/Weir FanFiction Book 10 years ago sga_tlantis The Pegasus Galaxy 10 years ago Stargate Atlantis RPG mcshep_daily McShep Daily 10 years ago. Dec 19, 2013 · Teyla Emmagan/John Sheppard Relationship Appreciation Thread. Discussion in 'Stargate: Atlantis' started by Pebble, Aug 5, Aragon101 Illusive Deity of Fanfic. Reputation: 0 In fic, i'll often have McKay accuse John of kirking, typically the conversation will go something like this. Being in a committed relationship with Teyla would make.