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7 Reasons Cats Love to Lick Plastic 1. Enticing food smells. Soft plastics are porous and they trap the odor 2. Crinkly fun. A shopping bag makes all kinds of cool noises, 3. The corn starch factor. More and more plastic shopping bags are being made 4. Lickable lubricants. Plastics are. Oct 22, 2016 · Cats with this condition lick or suck on plastic, including shower curtains or shoelaces. It’s often linked to pica, “the indiscriminate eating of inedible objects,” says Dodman, author of.

Normal Cat Chewing Behaviors. Some cats are more adventurous than others and may lick or bite items to see what happens and when the item makes a fun noise or has an interesting taste, they continue. Plastic grocery bags are often coated and this coating tastes sweet to cats. Aug 28, 2018 · Below are the most common causes of a cat licking plastic include: Food wrappers. Some cats are attracted to plastic food wrappers and most commonly those Sound. Some cats love the little crackle sounds that come from plastic bags. Food smells. Most plastic bags are made of ethylene or ethene.

Theory 1: Some plastic bags are made with animal fat, or tallow, that attracts cats. Similarly, it’s speculated that some bags are made with fish oils or fish scales to keep the plastic from sticking together. Even chemicals in plastic can be attractive. Cats lick at the bag to try to get some of the taste that corresponds to the scent. Chewing on plastic is an odd and dangerous behavior so if your cat begins doing this, don't assume it's just behavioral. Talk to your veterinarian. How to Prevent Your Cat from Chewing or Licking Plastic Bags Plastic bags can be irresistible to your cat due to how light they are .

Your cat likes the sound of the plastic bag being licked. It may simulate the noise of a caught animal. This is dismissed by some sites as unlikely since cats tend to dislike noise. Supporting Sites: Vetriscience, Manhattan Cats, Chron Blog. Diet / Cravings. Plastic bag licking is compensation for an unsatisfied dietary craving. Cats can also enjoy the crinkly noises that a plastic bag makes. Another reason that cats will chew bags can be related to their dental health. If you find your cat engaging in these activities, a trip to the veterinarian to make sure her teeth are in good order is important.

The younger a cat is weaned, the stronger its drive to nurse and the more likely the cat is to suck on wool -- or its owner’s arms, earlobes, or hair. Although some cats may only suck on such fuzzy items as wool, fleece, and stuffed animals, others progress to eating these fabrics.Author: Wendy C. Fries.