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Lilac trees peaked in their appeal in the early 20th century, but have been cultivated in the UK since the 16th century. The French horticulturalists, the Lemoine family, bred over 200 cultivars - including our own Madame Lemoine variety. Lilac trees are so popular that . Lilac Trees. Lilacs come in a wide variety of colors such as pink, white, purple, blue, magenta, and lilac. Lilacs typically bloom for a four to six week period in April, though some varieties will bloom a bit later in early summer. The blooms of the Lilac tree are commonly used as dyes or in essential oils for perfume.

Let the Charm of Lilac Shrubs Take Root This member of the Syringa family prefers a spot that gets full sun for six or more hours every day and has moist, well-drained soil. Whether your favorite kind is the Miss Kim Lilac or Proven Winners, when you browse our choices, you’re sure to enhance your garden’s glory. You can find the right fit. Types of Lilac Trees. There are a few types of lilac trees that offer the fragrance and beauty of the lilac bush varieties, with the addition of height and shade. The Japanese tree lilac reaches heights of 25 feet and produces fragrant white flowers. A very popular cultivar of this variety is the “Ivory Silk.”Author: Liz Baessler.

The Japanese lilac is a deciduous, tree-form lilac. It has a moderate growth rate, an upright growing habit, and a rounded shape. It is a mid-size tree belonging to the olive family that is grown for the panicles of white flowers it bears for about two weeks in early summer. These lilac shrubs make excellent hedges. They mature up to 8-15 feet tall, and give you a flowering alternative to most privacy shrubs. Trim once a year or leave them alone to grow into their natural form. Purple Lilac bushes reach their full size in a hurry so you get a mature hedge quickly.3.4/5(10).

Lilac Tree Pictures. Lilac Photo Gallery contains many photos of Lilac Trees. Included below are close up images, different types of Lilac trees and facts for Lilac Tree identification. Majestic Trees is an award winning grower specialising in the supply and planting of mature and character trees of exceptional quality. We are unique amongst growers in providing a complete in-house service, from selection advice to delivery, planting and aftercare, so that our customers can fully engage with the fulfilling experience of.

Lilacs (Syringa spp.) may not mature and flower until a few years after first being planted. Moving and transplanting a mature lilac involves selecting an appropriately sunny site, correctly. Golden Eclipse Japanese tree lilac (Syringa reticulata ssp. reticulata 'Golden Eclipse'): A more compact form (to 24 feet high). Leaves develop gold edges as the season progresses. Ivory Pillar™ Japanese tree lilac (Syringa reticulata ssp. reticulata 'Willamette'): A more narrow, upright form (25 .