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Become a Male Escort; We are the 1st and only male escort search engine that allows people to search for straight male escorts by keywords OR by categories. Everyone is attracted to someone & when a women is specifically looking for a straight male escort you can be sure they find our site as we are ranked very high in the search engines. Is becoming a professional escort for me? Becoming an escort is a question that many male and females have thought about at least once. I asked for a general survey to my friends about would they become an escort or prostitute to make money, and 90% of them said yes they have thought about it.

Starting career as a male escort Male escort services have become quite a popular career choice for many men all across the world. Being a male escort will mean accompanying the client to various social events, spending time with them and providing them company. Men who are interested in starting their career as a male [ ]. I would like to become a male escort! How do I sign up? If you are ready to start making money while have good clean fun by becoming a male escort then follow the Sign Up Now! link and complete the quick form. As soon as we have received your details we will respond with further information to help you create an appealing profile.

How does one become a straight male escort? by Dan Savage on May 29th, 2012 at 10:45 AM. 1 of 1 2 of 1. I’m a straight male from Southern California and I really want to be a straight male. Why our escorts and clients rate us the best Male Escort Agency in the UK!! Contrary to what most other male escort agencies may say, becoming a male escort is not for everyone and so to save you time and money trying and testing different agencies to find out whether it is for you we offer a service where we will provide you with full and impartial advice based on our own extensive escorting.

If you are interested in Male Escort jobs and would like to sign up to become a straight male escort please click on the button below: Male Escort Jobs. HOW WE OPERATE. Becoming a male escort can be an excellent way to earn a second income while meeting interesting people and having fun! Read our guide on How it works and start booking fun dates out with our growing number of escorts in the United Kingdom. Popular Tags Male Escorts UK Female Escorts Escorts Online Escorts London Escorts Brighton Escort Agency Rent A Friend Male Escort Jobs Become an Escort.

I worked as an escort in Chicago for about 6 months. I am a man. My clientele was comprised of women, mostly between the ages of 35-50. It was an incredible experience for me. Aug 16, 2010 · To be a professional escort, start by joining a reputable escort agency, which will keep you safe, handle your bookings, and screen your clients in exchange for a cut of your profits. Choose a first and last name for your escort identity, so you can keep your personal and 86%(43).