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How to make DIY conductive solution and electrode gel? There is really no mystery, nor needing expensive ingredients to get good skin contacts. Remember, human body is essentially a saline bag (just water, salt, and tissues), so most saline solution or gel are all very compatible with it. Aug 05, 2017 · These options will allow greater penetration of the solution to help blackheads slide out easier and is especially useful on heavily congested pores, dry, tight skin and hard to extract blackheads. Make sure to apply a conductive gel over the solution if using Ultrasound or Galvanic.3.7/5(93).

The revolutionary FaceMaster Facial Toning device wakes up your face! Used to protect the FaceMaster's wand tips and ease the complete coverage of the application of the conductive solution. 200 individual caps. FaceMaster Soothing Conductive Serum. Sep 10, 2016 ·

The solution is to make ECG pads (link to E4C's how-to) from easy-to-find materials such as snap buttons and bottle caps. Robert Malkin and students at Duke University invented the trick, and our friends at Engineering World Health travel the world and demonstrate that making ECG pads and conductive gel is fun for the whole family. The.